More time and quality for you!

More time and quality for you!

The speed and ease of installation and maintenance of Haier Ies air conditioners will save both the installer’s and the customer’s time, saving money too.

How would you spend this extra time you gain...
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Open call for videos: More time and quality for you!
Client: HAIER


To introduce the brand new Haier IES air conditioners, by highlighting (even in  a metaphorical way the main product’s characteristics:

1.    Thanks to a removable panel, the installation and maintenance of the product are quicker

2.    Haier’s research and constant investment towards innovation guarantee cutting edge technology and a top quality experience. HAIER IES series has the following main features:

a)    Quietness 19 dB(A)
b)    Energy Efficiency Classe A+++ | A++
c)    WiFi optional control
d)    Better air flow thanks to the 3D deflectors’ movement.

“More time and quality for you!”

Show the sensation of wellbeing of those who choose Haier IES air conditioners. You don’t need to show the product in your video.

As you can read in the mission paragraph above, a key characteristic of the product is the speed and ease of installation and maintenance. This will save both the installer’s and the customer’s time, saving money too.

How would you spend this extra time you gain?


We see a distinguished man opening his desk drawer; there are hundreds of stamps inside. From the top of the desk he takes a book. We can read “Stamp Collection” on the dusty cover. He removes the dust and start adding the first stamp - the first of many. While doing so, a gentle breeze caresses his face. He smiles. Endboard

Please close your video with the final endboard you can download among the additional materials.

Please remember that, at the end of your video, your main character must be hit by a gentle and pleasant breeze (a metaphor for the product).

Please don’t show any logo or brand, if present they must be blurred.

Tone of voice
Contemporary, ironic, distinctive, memorable, realistic


Mainly the following
1.    installers (those who install Haier air conditioners)
2.    Shops (which sell Haier products)
3.    Customers (people who buy and use the air conditioners)


16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, 25fps, high quality sound, file .mp4 or .mov, codec video h264, minimum rate 10000 kbps

Max size: 2GB

Music: Please only used tracks from the Music Library available here or original and unreleased tracks.
Endboard Finale: available in the download area.
Duration: max 20 secs + endboard


Without any dialogues or VO. If any text is present, please make sure it is in English.


Start: 02/11/2017

Rewards €10,000

1st €5,000 for the first selected video

 2nd €2,500 For the second selected video

 3rd €1,500 For the third selected video

 4th €1,000 For the fourth selected video